Making Decisions that Catapult Your Business

Attention small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, virtual assistants and other virtual professionals

Cost: $26.95 (instant download)

Are you panicked on how to bring in more business and make more deposits?

Has the current state of the economy made your state of mind crazed?

All the answers you need to the burning, anxiety-driven questions racing through your mind, are inside you.

Listen as Kelly Poelker interviews award winning author and TV show host Mary Goulet on a 60-minute call that will put your mind at ease and spark your creativity and motivation so you can make more money.

You will take away from this call:

  • The most powerful tool you already possess and how it can change your life in an instant
  • How to stay calm amidst uncertainty and chaos so you can make the right choices
  • The three places you automatically consult when making a decision and still you make the wrong choice
  • Why being confused as to what to do next is actually a good thing
  • Know when to give up and change direction

Privacy Notice: Information submitted will be used only by Academy of Virtual Professionals and Mary Goulet in connection with this teleseminar series.

Cost: $26.95 (instant download)

I had the good fortune of hearing Mary speak on this decision-making process and know first hand the power of the process. She is the first person I know to distill this wisdom into a best practice. The Go With Your Gut process is guaranteed to create a better life, improve your relationships, and help you succeed in a new way.

~ Mark LeBlanc, Author of Growing Your Business


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