Go With Your Gut as an Entrepreneur

Attention small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, virtual assistants and other virtual professionals

Cost: 26.95

Learn Five Tips to Leveraging Your Emotions for Success

Also, have you ever jumped out of bed excited to get to work, take a shower and when you go to slip on a pair of jeans they’re feeling tight and suddenly your good mood went down the drain? Or, you get the courage up to cold call a prospect and it doesn’t go well so you feel discouraged and doubt your ability to be successful?

If that’s the case–congratulations–you’re normal! As women we are naturally rich with emotion. We are nurturers and feel deeply as we have been allowed as females to have and express our emotions.

Listen as Kelly Poelker interviews award winning author and TV show host, Mary Goulet, where you will learn:

  • Learn how to take your attitude and business to a whole new personal level.
  • How to use your emotions to work to your advantage so you can make more money.
  • Create a clear plan on how to handle rich emotions and by doing so, you’ll reap profitable rewards.
  • How to manage the daily ups and downs of entrepreneurship so you can thrive


an MP3 download of the call

e-book version of Mary Goulet’s book, Go With Your Gut: The Art of Making Decisions

By being an emotional entrepreneur you give yourself permission to follow your passion, have fun, make a difference, and allow your personality (emotions and all) to be expressed, and make more money.

Cost: 26.95

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