Blah Blah Blah: How to Create Marketing Messages That Are Anything But Boring

Attention small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, virtual assistants and other virtual professionals!

Cost: $19.95

Marketing That Appeals to Reason Has No Appeal At All

Whether you’re answering the proverbial “What do you do?” networking question, sending an email to a prospect, creating promotional material, your 1-sheet, advertising or direct mail, online or offline, you want your message to get through and get results.

How do you do that, when, in reality, the ultimate goal of most marketing is “remember me when you need me.” How do you create marketing materials and messages that will influence choice in your favor AND stay in the brain long enough to make you top-of-mind when the right time comes?

In “Blah Blah Blah: How to Create Marketing Messages That Are Anything But Boring” Terri Langhans, CSP* will zero in on the four cornerstones that any effective marketing or advertising message must have.

You’ll Learn:

  • Three ways your marketing or advertising must stand out in order to attract attention.
  • The secret of suspense and the power of the reveal in getting prospects to remember your message.
  • What works better than facts, logic and reason to influence choice, generate response and build your brand.
  • How to bring the benefit to life in a way that brings you more business.

As a registered attendee you will also get:
an MP3 download of the call

As a bonus, and for all you folks who say “I tried direct mail, and it doesn’t work,” Terri will cover the 5 Elements of Great Graphic Design and the 4 Criteria for Successful Direct Mail. Again, Terri will give you great examples (albeit with “word pictures”) and ways to apply the cornerstones to your business, regardless of whether you ever spend a dime on paid advertising or promotional materials.

Cost: $19.95

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